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A God-Centered Community

Upper Room Worship Center is a loving community involved in a local ministry in Hickory, North Carolina. We teach and preach the Word of God in a real and practical manner. In addition, we apply the Lord’s teachings to our daily lives.

Meet Our Founder

We are guided by our founder, Alexis Stone. He was born on October 15, 1970, to Dr. George, ST.D and Dr. Sheila, Ph.D. Stone in the Bronx New York.

Alexis has been serving the Lord since 1994. His love for God and commitment to glorifying Him inspired him to put up our church in 2015. To learn more about him, read his life story below.

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Growing up as the son of a Pastor, God had a calling on my life from the very beginning. This became more evident on December 31, 1991, as God empowered me with His Holy Ghost at True Light Bible Church of God, in Brooklyn, New York. I remained faithful under my Pastor, Overseer Corrine Baldwin, and God saw fit to call me into the Ministry of Jesus Christ. In the year of 1996, I was ordained as Evangelist by my Pastor.

According to 2 Tim 2:15, I needed to study to show myself approved to God to rightly divide the Word of Truth. While enrolled Saint Augustine Theological Seminary, I received my Bachelor in Religious Education, Bachelor in Theology, Master in Religious Education, and in 2003, my Doctorate in Divinity. In Addition to my Religious schooling, I also hold an MBA from Farmingdale University as well as a Ph.D. in Education from MBU (online education).

Later In the year of 2003, I moved my family to Charlotte, North Carolina to give our children a better quality of life. God lead my family and me to New Calvary Pentecostal Holiness Church under the leadership of Suff. Bishop Dr. Melvin Hardy, Sr. We remained faithful to the Ministry and was ordained as an Elder in 2004. New Calvary was home to us and we were blessed.

God’s call to Pastor was ever before me and God was making the way ready. God gave me the name “Upper Room Worship Center” as the Ministry for me to lead under His direction. We began to Pastor this Ministry in October 2014, and are steadfast even now doing the work of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The upper room has been a place where an expectation of God’s Manifestation takes place.

With all that being said, I am a husband, a father, and a humble Servant-Leader of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Follow me as I follow Christ.

Humbly Submitted,

Dr. Alexis T. Stone, Ph.D.

Senior Pastor of Upper Room Worship Center

Mission and Vision Statement

At Upper Room Worship Center, our goal is to heal and develop the complete family with the Words of Life!

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